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ChatCash direct flirting astrology coaching chat masters

Looking for a pay-per-message direct flirting, astrology or coaching chat? We have 15 years of experience. When you have traffic, we take care for the rest..

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Not making enough money with your traffic? We're masters in direct flirting, astrology and coaching chat. Guaranteeing high conversation rates and long retention times.

ChatCash gives you the opportunity to promote rock solid direct flirting, astrology and coaching brands or custom white labels.

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About us

Premium chat is our core business. We’re here to monetize your traffic. With one goal: when you make money, we make money.


exclusive white label brands

Stand out from the crowd and promote your own premium chat brands. Your brand, our technology, exclusively promoted by you


full service

You know all about traffic, we know all about premium chat. When you push traffic we take care of the rest: your website, messaging, member promotion, everything


mobile traffic

Monetize your mobile traffic. Our websites are designed to provide the best chat platform on mobile phones, tablets and other devices


high conversion ratio

It’s all about conversion ratios, long retention times and high payouts. In the field of direct flirting, astrology and coaching chat we achieve the best ROI


international market reach

Services available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and United States


reliable payments

ChatCash has been operating since 2004. We are trustworthy, reputable and transparent. You get paid, on time, no matter what

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How to reach us
Email: hello@chatcash.cc

Where we are De Corantijn 99a, 1689 AN
Zwaag, The Netherlands


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